Blast from the Past

A librarian froblindcouplem the Utica Public Library put me back in touch with a piece of my past. I was a part-time editorial assistant at the Observer-Dispatch in 1998 while  I was a student at Utica College. My job included writing up weddings, anniversaries, and obituaries, as well as the daily police blotter. But I also got to go out and cover local news. I got the opportunity to interview Walter Payton and even had two front-page, above-the-fold stories! My favorite story was a feature story I did where I got to spend the day with Tom and Mary, a blind and visually impaired couple. I visited with them in their home and at their workplace. And I somehow lost my one copy of this article even though I’m a pack rat.

Click the image to read the story (it’s from microfilm but still legible). I’ve also added a new page to my site! It’s a selection of other writing I’ve done over the years.


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