Top 5 Reasons I Came Back to My Blog

5. The domain name “” finally became available for purchase a few months ago. It is now mine. Take that silly online sneaker website! 

4. After 2 years of being in charge of putting my daughter to bed, my husband is now responsible for night-night time (hooray for weaning!). I now have some free hours at night to devote to writing. Although so far these free nights have been devoted to Netflix and red wine.

3. I was starting to feel like I was missing a piece of myself, between working full-time and being a mother and wife. I needed to return to my writing, whether or not my 30 followers kept reading or not. 

2. I was added to a secret group, let’s call it “The Notebook.” In “The Notebook” there are many successful writers with websites, bylines, books, blogs, articles, etc. I needed to step up my game. 

1. My chapbook was accepted for publication and I’m super excited! This will be my first published book. This calls for a red wine break.

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