All I think about are KIDNEYS!

Women who are planning weddings always find a way to sneak the word “wedding” into daily conversation. Same thing goes for moms of babies (although I prefer hearing baby talk to wedding talk). It’s not that I am always bringing up my kidneys, people keep asking me about it, so there’s lots of talk. Plus lots of late night mind-racing, all the voices in my head are screaming “kidney, kidney, kidney.” (Hence the reason this post is being written at 4:13 in the morning.)

I ate kidney beans 4 times this week.
I looked at specialty jewelry: kidney earrings, kidney pendants, kidney bracelets.
I read blogs written by people who have donated or are donating kidneys.
I had various donation discussions with friends/family.
I e-mailed with Harvey Mysel, President of the Living Kidney Donors Network.
I read a memoir, “Moonface,” by Angela Balcita, a love story about a woman with kidney disease who ends up having 3 kidney transplants.
Did I mention that I ate kidney beans 4 times this week?

Beans, beans they’re good for your heart…

I’m trying to keep healthy!

I kind of feel like a man, only instead of thinking about sex every 4 seconds, it’s a different part of my anatomy that’s on my mind.

In other news: I sent two submissions this week. It’s been a long time since I’ve submitted my writing. *Crossing fingers*

In other other news: The first public reading by mentees/mentors at Girls Write Now was this past Friday. I sense some book deals in the future, it was a great!

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