Kidney Math

I have two kidneys.
My brother has two kidneys.
We have four kidneys between us.

After Transplant:
I will have one kidney.
My brother will have three kidneys.
We will have four kidneys between us.

How freaking weird is that? I remember going through the kidney transplant orientation with my family and the nurse told us, “We place the new kidney in a different location inside the abdomen.” (It’ll be lower than the old ones.)

“Huh? What?” was the reaction from all of us.

There’s no need to take out the failing kidneys–they pose no threat to the rest of his organs. They’ll shrivel up a little, while the kidney formerly known as LaToya’s will get bigger to compensate for all the hard work it’s doing.

3 thoughts on “Kidney Math”

  1. Wow. I didn’t know that either! I’ve been following along, how wonderful and brave. I would make the same choice for my sister.

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