“Poems that make us feel nauseous.”

Is one of the descriptions given for what kind of poetry Breadcrumb Scabs likes to receive. I definitely have many poems that fit, so I submitted to this journal back in spring/summer. Three of my poems, “Stuck in Traffic,” “Doll Keeper,” and “Terror Toma,” appear in Issue 21 of the journal. Also, the editor of the journal picks a poem to highlight in each issue–she picked my poem “Terror Toma” for this issue! It’s nice to be singled out. I especially like the poem that was chosen because it’s about a creepy condition (think “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) and is actually called a teratoma. It’s mostly found in women–those little tumors that have hair, teeth, and bones. Yuck. I read an article about a woman who thought she was pregnant–only to find out she had a big whopping teratoma inside of her.

You can read my three poems online here: http://www.breadcrumbscabs.com/issue21.php. Click on read online and a pdf will open. My poems begin on page 10. And if you’re so inclined, you can also purchase print copies.

Hope you don’t get too nauseous 🙂

3 thoughts on ““Poems that make us feel nauseous.””

  1. Congrats! A nice recognition. MiPoesias as well. I think I saw your name in the November issue. That’s a great journal!

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