Girls Write Now

I am going to be the newest mentor with a wonderful organization called Girls Write Now. Please check out their website. Beginning in September I will have a mentee, a high school girl who is a writer (or wants to be). We’ll get together weekly and work on our writing together, also Girls Write Now has awesome workshops on specific genres throughout the school year that benefit both the mentors and the mentees. I’m excited to be a part of this community, not only do I get to give back to my community, I also get to meet all these women writers living in NYC. I am not part of a writing community here, most of my writer friends are scattered across the country. It would be lovely to be able to meet for brunch one day and discuss poetry.

Oh, wait–I am meeting for brunch today to discuss poetry 🙂 Meeting with a friend of a friend who wants to put together a poetry writing group in Brooklyn.

This is my year to feel at home in some little corner of the writing world in New York.

3 thoughts on “Girls Write Now”

  1. Congratulations! It is valuable to have a local writing group, as much as I love the scatter Antioch community we share. Moreover, the writing community there is lucky to have you as part it.

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