Post more poetry

Today’s conversation:

friend: you need to post more poetry on your site.

me: i post links to the places i’ve been published. i guess i can post the poems that have been published after publication. i should update it more.

friend: no, what about all those poems from when you were getting your mfa. post those.

me: well, i’m trying to get some of those published, so i won’t post them. some editors feel that if it’s posted online, even on a personal blog, that is a form of publication.

friend: well you should post the ones that you aren’t trying to get published.

me: um, no. the ones i’m not trying to get published are the ones i don’t think are that great. i don’t want that to be a representation of my work.

friend: fine

So I’ll start posting some of the poems I’ve written that have been previously published to make it easier for people to read a sampling of my writing steelo. Is that better? (Um, besides all the links I’ve posted?)

3 thoughts on “Post more poetry”

  1. Yeah, I never know what to post either. I usually post published ones. And I’m going to include you in my “posse” on my blog- if you promise to post more 😉

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