A Writer’s Nightmare

At least, this writer’s nightmare is not being able to write. Apparently this nightmare is currently my reality since I have been typing with my left hand for the past few days. I’m a righty and my entire right arm feels like I’ve got fire ants crawling around inside. I’m pretty sure it’s some ulnar nerve thing going on, thanks to my handy-dandy Google searches. I have a doctor’s appointment next week to confirm.

I spend all day in front of a computer typing away at my keyboard and then come home and type away at my laptop. I also have my crackberry.

I’ve been having nightmares of having to get one of those computers where I have to use my voice to type or having to get an assistant.

This better be something that is completely fixable because LaToya likes to, no LOVES to write, damn it!

1 thought on “A Writer’s Nightmare”

  1. Wow, you and Stephen Hawking, huh? I’d gladly be your assistant! ‘Sides, one of us is gonna have to change the other one’s diaper and wipe the drool off the other one’s chin one day anyhow.

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