Acceptance is a beautiful thing

Got a rejection from Rattle on Saturday. I was pretty bummed because I really enjoy this journal, but a friend convinced me to resubmit at a later time. Persistence is key! Today I received an acceptance from the San Pedro River Review for their Bars, Diners, and Dives themed Spring 2010 issue. They said it goes to print in mid-April and I can’t wait to receive my copy. I had no idea what I was going to do with the particular poem I submitted until I read about the themed issue in duotrope’s weekly e-mail. Shout out to duotrope. I heart that site.

I spent the bulk of Saturday doing some free writes and researching places to submit. I e-mailed two submissions and snail-mailed another one today. I wrote one new poem and have got three others in the works. Really exciting stuff, eh?

The moral of this story is: Keep on writing, keep on submitting, keep on keepin’ on.

1 thought on “Acceptance is a beautiful thing”

  1. Babe, this is so cool. I know it’s inevitable that more people in poetry places and journals and things will recognize your talent, and I’m so happy you’re beginning to catch rec.



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