The Inspired Word

On Thursday I dragged the husband out to a poetry event called The Inspired Word, presented by Mike Geffner. There were three featured poets (in order of appearance): Rich Villar, Dasha Kelly, and Tara Betts, as well as a 10-slot open mic. I do want to read my work in public occasionally, but I’m by no means a performer. Which reminds me of something Rich said (I’m totally bastardizing how eloquently he put it) about poetry being poetry and all these divisions, spoken word poetry, academic poetry, keep the community divided.

Anyway, that was my first time at the event and I loved how supportive the crowd was, so I know I’ll definitely read something at the open mic next time I go.

The more I go to events and read books of poetry, the more I am inspired to continue writing.

I also loved that it seemed like such a small world, Dasha, one of the features, and I met during my last and her first residency at Antioch. I also saw Shanelle Gabriel, a great poet and fellow Utica College alumnus.

So, if you’re in NYC, check out The Inspired Word! I might be there 🙂

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