I heart NY poetry readings

One of my goals for this year, since completing my MFA, is to go to poetry readings once every week or every other week. When I hear other poets read their work, especially established poets, it inspires me to push on.

I went to a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club on April 15 with some friends from Antioch who were in town, we saw Martin Espada and Rich Villar for Page Meets Stage. Both poets were great readers, it’s always great when the poet knows how to command an audience with their work.

On April 21 I took my hubby to Poets House where we saw Afaa Michael Weaver and three jazz musicians. Another amazing performance from all, I loved the interplay between the words and the music, definitely a lot of improvisation and rhythm.

This upcoming Monday is Terrance Hayes and Natasha Tretheway at the 92nd Street Y. I am really excited to see/hear Terrance Hayes read. I am in love with his poetry.

Maybe I’ll remember to bring a copy of his book so that I can get it signed. Maybe.

1 thought on “I heart NY poetry readings”

  1. The Poets House piece was outta sight! You definitely hit the mark on that one. Like you said, the interplay between the poet and the musical lyricists was the kind you can only get from artists who are improvising together after years of knowing each other. It inspired me as a sometimes writer, a career educator, and a forever lover of words and sound.

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