I am a Reject

I received a rejection notice today regarding my dream contest where the winner gets to travel the world for a year. I’m sure the two people who won are great writers. I mean, they both have published books. And me? Me got no books.

The rejection came on lovely letterhead. While I was cooking dinner I made a small mess in the kitchen and decided that instead of a napkin or paper towel, that the lovely letterhead would be more fitting. I was right, that paper worked better than Brawny. Cleaned up the mess and the rejection letter is now in the trash where it belongs.

I’ll allow myself a few moments of bitterness and hatred and then I’ll get back on the submission wagon.

I’m trying to come up with a list of good uses for rejection letters. Got any ideas?

8 thoughts on “I am a Reject”

  1. other uses for rejection letters:

    1. you could regift it to someone who’s getting on your nerves.

    2. duh, you could use it to make a fire.

    3. if you’re a bit of a sadist, you could injest and therefore internalize the rejection and then you’ll…well, you know what happens when you injest something, right? lol. wonder how pretty it would look on the way out. lol.

  2. Very good ideas. I can print out the ones I receive online and make a mask to wear when I hand recycled rejection letters to people I don’t like.

  3. Pure genius. Better than Brawny! I’m all for the quilt idea; I’ll even take up crocheting again so’s I can make some squares to stitch ’em to.

  4. Put them through a paper shredder and use them instead of packing peanuts.

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